From the desk of Burnie Burns,
Creative Director of Rooster Teeth productions,

Greetings Rooster Teeth. I am writing to you, the employees, unpaid interns, and illegitimate children of Joel, to inform you that I AM BURNIE BURNS, and quite frankly, most of you are not. Now that we have cleared that up I just want to extend my thanks, praises, and nods of approval to everyone for making such awesome content. Because without you I’d have to edit and upload all that stuff myself, and that would really blow. Because, quite frankly, I don’t know how to do that.

So! Keep up the good work and as always, remember that making eye-contact with me, Burnie Burns, is still highly prohibited. 

Signed with love,
(and a pen that once belonged to Steve Jobs)
Yours truly, Burnie Burns.




if being 100% gay is playing for the other team then i’d like to imagine being pansexual as playing for every team. you just sort of run around between the in and outfields juggling the extra balls and sit a couple innings in the audience eating a hotdog and eventually everyone starts to question whether you even know how to play baseball or not

Nailed it.




if you ever feel embarrassed about yourself just remember that on my first day of 8th grade I wore 30 hairclips, a pink tutu, a giraffe backpack, fake rainbow hair extensions, invader zim shoes and shoe laces, pink fishnet arm warmers and about 34 bracelets and necklaces and ran around saying “nya” for 3 hours until the principal made me change